Why we are different


We don’t turn your accident into an administrative mess; we help you by giving you the different options that are available to you and to guide you through the questions you probably are asking yourself.

  • Should I go through my Insurance?
  • Would it be better for me to pay it myself?
  • If so what will it cost?
  • What if it wasn’t my fault?

We will explain all your options to you so you can decide what is best for you?

We aim to treat you like a customer, how? by making the whole process easy for you; we know customers are all different, some want a quick service, some want to know everything that happens to their car, some are worried about what to do, some treat their cars with pride and passion, some just want it back on the road.

We help you keep your pride and joy in pristine condition – we know some customers really cherish their car so we pride ourselves on getting to know exactly what you want for your individual car.

To us you are the future of our business we think if we give you exactly what you want at the right price you will use us again and recommend other people to use us. Plus we enjoy what we do; we do it well; which means you and your car are not a number or claim reference – you are a customer.

This sounds simple, and we simply do what we say.

Speak to people who have used other repairers and see how it’s very easy to become just another number, then try Gaskells.

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