Insurance Excess

When you bought your motor policy you may have agreed with your insurer to pay ‘excess’ in order to reduce the cost of the premium or because of your driving record.

Excess therefore applies to the part of the claim for which you are uninsured and is payable on collection of your vehicle. The final account to the insurer is reduced by the appropriate amount, but you may be able to recover the excess equivalent from the party responsible for the accident or their insurer. we can advise you on this.

“Please note - we have a special Offer on at present – we will give you £100 towards your excess“.

Collection note

Most insurers ask for a collection note to be signed after completion of the repairs. This document provided by us for you to sign is then passed to your insurer in order that the repair account can be processed. Signing a collection note in no way affects your statutory rights.


In addition to maintaining the vehicle warranty (where appropriate) we offer a full 3 year guarantee on all repair work. A twelve months manufacturers guarantee applies on all parts.

Vehicle anti-perforation warranty

All of our work is guaranteed and complies with motor manufacturers’ specifications. Your warranty is unaffected.

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